29 January 2009

snow flakes


Slim Razorboat said...

I must admit. This place frightens me.

Barry said...

In the first picture brent is making a face I have not seen him make before or since.

Speaking of faces slim, that mug of yours on your profile picture makes me think I have been sucking on helium.

Slim Razorboat said...

Do you mean your voice went way up in pitch or you are feeling lightheaded?

Barry said...

More like the ringing bells which accompany no longer being in your right mind.

rocketts said...

wouldn't it be handy to hear all of those bells just a ringing out in the world? Like beautiful church bells ringing through the streets. A melodic reminder that so many folks are out of their fuchin mind or at least not in their right one.
I could find so much compassion, so much love for my fellow fuchs if I could just wheel around an iv cart/stand thing with a hanger bag full of helium hooked up to an air hose and a leaf blower sealed tween my happy cheeks ticklin my toast with that cool, sweet high. Hell, if I could get high enough I might join up with all those Mormon Fuchs that look like Slim, smell like death, and taste like shit. Actually I have yet to taste Mormon. But I think I came close this fall at a "Save Traditional Marriage", Yes on 8 rally.
I asked one of the young men holding up his anti gay sign if he wanted a blow job. He didn't respond. I was pretty relieved. As I drove off I wondered ... a lot.
Helium would have helped.

Barry said...

Old Quasimodo heard them bells loud and clear, locked in a tower of prejudice. A fiend and devil to his fellow man.

Winston Smith heard them from the cell he finally accepted was a hotel room.

Slim Razorboat, devout, devoted hours to bells which fell "clang" around him leaving craters in the ground.

Slim, spared and hamstrung hobbled his way back to the well where he chucked in each bell and made a wish.

DId I mention the townsfolk all came down and helped slim to fill the well in.

Mighty neighborly of them. If we all lived there we'd be home now.