12 February 2009

At the Office


Kubinak said...

It's later than my post will post as so I haven't hit the play button, but was Ricky Gervais is the audience?

rocketts said...

I think so.
Who's he?

Kubinak said...

Ricky, man, Ricky! The Man Gervais. Ricky Gervais had to be in the audience. Because he created The Office for BBC television. The real The Office. Not the knock-off currently airing on American TV. So it stands to reason that Ricky was in the audience and stole The Office. If you haven't seen his The Office, you must see Ricky's The Office! Two seasons, one Christmas Special. No mucking about like American television that drags on for years. Such a painfully hilarious spot-on representation of office life, it took Bruce two nights to get through each episode. And forget about it... Holly took a week to get through a single episode. Aw the painful hilarity of reality. Not reality TV. Hilarious realism. Have you worked in an Office? Oy!